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About me


My name is Zanda and I am a florist and the owner of ZANDA B floral design studio. My love and passion for flowers started in my childhood when every summer I would make flower crowns to celebrate summer solstice. Running trough the meadows and collecting blooms for the crowns was a very magical time. I am inspired by nature and love working with seasonal blooms, which allow me to experiment with colours and textures creating beautiful designs. My little helper and frequently a flower model is my dog Ziggy who seems to love flowers and visits to the flower gardens as much as I do.

If you would asked me what my favourite flower was, it would be hard to say as I really love them all, they all are unique and beautiful in their own way, it's almost impossible to pick. Flowers on top of my favourite list will have to be fragrant garden roses, unusual gerberas, fluffy ranunculus and the cottage garden style must -  bells.

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